Includes a slide deck suitable for Classroom and Virtual Classroom delivery, instructor notes to guide the trainer through the course delivery, and a version of the Coursebook. Identify how Cloud and Delivery pipeline automation optimizes and accelerates ways of working. This program has been developed by EPAM experts from different countries and combines cutting-edge materials for your future career. If you successfully pass the first stage, you can continue your self-study in the second, DevOps Fundamentals, expand your knowledge and choose a cloud you will explore in the future. Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification.

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10 skills that will help get jobs.

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Knowing the basics of Agile, Scrum, Lean and/or ITSM is a great plus, but not required. With CI/CD based DevOps culture the application release cycle has been shortened, allowing quicker customer feedback and meaningful innovation to flourish within an organization. The quicker you can release new features and fix bugs, the faster you can respond to your customers’ needs and build competitive advantage. DevOps in an organization to succeed as a practice, requires 2 basic pillars, communication & collaboration, to work very effectively & efficiently. Without this feeling and understanding the importance of closely knit team work, it will be very difficult to adopt DevOps best practices . DevOps offered this solution and has been widely adopted by IT driven companies to improve their processes & practices for rapid delivery.

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Your role might be, for example, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, software developer, consultant, IT operations manager, service manager or perhaps CIO or marketer. is the starting point for anyone involved in an Agile or DevOps team. Improved workflows and faster deployment start with an understanding of DevOps fundamentals by all team members.

devops fundamentals

Would you like to learn the profession of the future and kickstart in a new direction? Then, we invite you to the DevOps Essentials self-study training program. Stay up to date with the newest courses, certifications, and promotions from the LF training team.

Continuous Delivery:

So make sure, the tools that are being implemented are aligned well to the company’s product vision. However, there is a high entry barrier to change to a microservice driven system. Adopting Microservice architecture requires best DevOps practices along with CI/CD implementation to be in place. It brings enormous workloads and operational challenges for an organization along with increased cost factor. Transforming monolithic solutions to micro service applications has introduced challenges that I need to address and communicate to my team in a way that promotes stability, security, resilience and compliance.

devops fundamentals

… A major difference between SRE and DevOps is the focus on coding and the type of environment you are in. Candidates get guidance on how to lead the implementation of DevOps practices and how to achieve a cultural shift for better collaboration and communication. Candidates gain practical guidance on how to deliver effective DevOps through 15 essential practices, focused on well-established ITSM practices. Upon completion of the DevOps course, you will have a strong understanding of the key structures and practices of DevOps and will have developed a foundation of comprehension that simply cannot be attained anywhere else. An intuitive ordering process and fully automated delivery portal that integrates with your own delivery processes make your life easy.


Together we investigate Continuous Delivery and next-generation infrastructure (cloud native and container-based platforms) in a DevOps context. After two days you will be able to use DevOps tools and technologies, apply DevOps metrics, and use best practices for continuous improvement. The devops fundamentals Certification is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand itsprinciplesand practices. With the help of key DevOps concepts and terminology, real life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module you will acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps. Whether you are a Project Manager or you are involved in IT development, getting to know DevOps is great for many roles. DevOps improves the collaboration between developers and operations, ultimately improving software delivery.

After that we will discuss about Orchestration and Automation and you’ll learn what automation is and how to manage automation with orchestration. You’ll also learn the benefits of investing in these two technologies and how they can make your daily work easier and more enjoyable. SREs use engineering practices to assures services reliability at scale. When you’re ready to write your exam, you must schedule a convenient day and time using our online scheduler. Your 60-minute exam will be supervised over live feed by a representative from our accrediting partner, PEOPLECERT.

DASA DevOps Fundamentals – Self Paced Learning Inc. 2hr Mentor & Exam Voucher

Stay up to date on the latest articles, webinars and resources for learning and development. Our organisation is heavily investing in DevOps to meet the demands of our customers. One which requires my support and understanding of what it is and how I can facilitate its success. The next chapter is Testing Automation where you’ll learn the different types of automated tests that can be created, the various trade-offs involved, and how it can benefit you. This is the code repository for DevOps Fundamentals with Azure , published by Packt. It contains all the supporting project files necessary to work through the video course from start to finish.

Once you’re done with this DevOps skills training, you’ll know how to automate the entire process of your software development testing, deployment and delivery through the creation of a CI/CD pipeline. Creating CI/CD pipelines used to be the sole domain of trained and experienced DevOps professionals, but what this training does is put it in anyone’s hands. If you want a career in DevOps, this course can help get you there, but if you just want to incorporate DevOps into your job, you’ll also be prepared by this training. It’s a new software design approach where you build a single app as a set of small services/modules.

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